Stepping out into our communities to meet people where they're at. 

No person is an island
Entire of itself
Every person is a piece of the continent
A part of the main
— John Donne



Through the cross, Jesus shows us how NOT to perpetuate the cycles of violence. Jesus calls us to take up the cross by denying ourselves the temptation to give into the myth that violence is capable of ending a cycle of violence. To this end, being followers of Jesus is about more than "saving souls" or "bringing people to Jesus". It is about empowering communities by helping them to stand up against external forces of oppression and marginalization, and caring for one another. St. Paul's believes that to break the cycle of violence we must experience the Risen Christ by living as he lived, loving as he loved, and forgiving as he forgave. St. Paul's tries to do this through our inclusive worship services, our outreach programs, and our various healing ministries. 

We try to be a church where people experience transformation through the threefold sources of authority (scripture, tradition, and reason) which feeds us spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. St. Paul's is an inclusive church and a safe place for all; where those who may feel left behind and forgotten are welcomed into community. 


Come as you are; all are welcome.