St. Paul's BackPack Program

The North Country Backpack Program provides weekend food for children a need within five northern New Hampshire towns: Groveton, Stark, Stratford, Lancaster and Whitefield.
A bag for a family with three children supplies each child with two servings of breakfast and lunch—plus snacks, fresh fruit and vouchers redeemable for half-gallons of milk.
Improvements in the national and state economies have yet to reach New Hampshire’s North Country.

Your donation will help to improve the health and bolster the academic success and life outcomes of these students by ensuring that they receive adequate nutrition on weekends and over vacations.

The Back Pack Program:

 Feeds 191 children over weekends and school vacations. Includes 414 emergency meals provided during summer school vacation.

The bags are packed by community and church volunteers and are delivered to the schools in Stratford, Groveton, Stark, Lancaster, Jefferson and Whitefield for distribution. The average cost for this program is $6.75 per student per week which includes non-perishable food items and a milk voucher for 1/2 gallon of milk.  This project is funded by the  Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, NH Episcopal Church, Roman Catholic Diocese, various local business and civic organizations as well as private individual donations.

Overview of service provided during 2017 school year:

Meal                                                      Servings Provided

Breakfasts                                                            24,758

Lunches                                                               28,228


Total Meals                                                         52,986

Snacks                                                    24,243

Juice Drinks                                           11,190

Fresh Fruit                                             5,321

Canned Veg 678

1/2 Gal. Milk Vouchers                                      4,262